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March 5, 1969Established Maruka Kogyo Co., Ltd. with JPY2.5 million in capital
July 1, 1969Started nonlife insurance agent service
December 22, 1976Obtained sales operating license for liquefied petroleum gas
January 10, 1977Registered as general dealer in Poisonous and Deleterious Substances
September 1, 1982Capital reached JPY10 million
November 1, 1985Changed corporate name to MARUZEN CHEMICAL COMPANY CO.,LTD
March 1, 1986Established Chiba sales office
July 7, 1986Obtained sales operating license for general high-pressure gas
July 8, 1986Obtained handling license for Coastal transportation
March 17 1987Registered as an automobile carrier management service
June 22 1987Obtained Coastal transportation license
July 1 1990Established Osaka sales office
June 8 1992Registered as an automobile carrier management service (Osaka sales office)
July 2 1992Registered as general dealer of Poisonous and Deleterious Substances (Osaka sales office)
September 17 1992Capital reached JPY40 million
October 10 1992Capital reached JPY160 million
November 3 1992Capital reached JPY200 million
March 1 2001Spun off Chiba sales office to establish Maruzen Techno Service Co., Ltd.
April 1 2005Took over Functional chemical products division, Chemical product Dept.-II from Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and started sales of EOA.
June 30 2008Promoted Osaka sales office to branch office
July 1 2008Transferred EOA and DES business to Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and restructured the sales Dept..
April 1 2014Transferred nonlife insutance agent service to Maruzen Techno Service Co., Ltd.
June 29 2018Restructured the sales departments and transferred the operations of Sales Dept. -3 to Sales Dept. -2