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 Maruzen Chemical Trading will soon mark the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 1969. Although we have experienced some changes in our business in accordance with changing needs of the time, we have expanded our business basically with two pillars: dealing in products of our proprietary company Maruzen Petrochemical, and dealing in imported goods and our products.

 The stability and assurance derived from Maruzen Petrochemical, the reliability based on our business activities over the years, our wide business network, and a wealth of sales and technical expertise are our advantages, with which we would like to strengthen our relationship with customers. In addition to enhancing our basic strength as a trading company derived from our quickness and flexibility in responding to our customers, we are committed to suggesting business models, such as finding new markets and conducting sales promotions in cooperation with customers.

 The surrounding social situation and economic circumstances are changing substantially. However, without being influenced by such changes, we will continue to follow our basic philosophy of “security and reliability” and new, additional policies of “speed” and “willingness to take on new challenges without fear of transformation”, to respond to our customers’ needs.
 We are committed to making efforts to keep in step with our customers, and to become a company trusted and loved by our stakeholders.

October, 2017

President Toshiomi Baba